When music starts consuming a little heart…..

From as early as you can remember you have heard music…heard tones, and sounds, and wonderful music in your head.  Music which tingles all the day down to your heart…swirling around and travelling all the way to your toes…

Magical music of every colour and shade…happy music, sad music, the floating sounds of Mozart and the crashing sounds of Beethoven….the bass of a wicked Beatles song.

You remember those hot summer days, nothing to do, bored out of your mind.  You remember rolling around on the grass with your friends, or tucked into a closet, with a radio nearby pumping out the latest hits on the radio.

Always music.  Always the ethereal flow of notes shaping your spirit and your soul.

You grow up, you sing, you perform, you think you want to do this forever….sing, dance, be on stage! and have the feeling of escape from the day to day.

And the day to day catches up with you. You grow, you “mature”, you become realistic, you still listen and you feel and you flow with the music on your good days and your bad days….and music becomes a wonderful way to distract you from your life – but you leave the ruminations behind…..

And while wandering through that rather wonderful, but sometimes boring, day to day life, a little bird appears.  A little bird perched…singing…singing so beautifully…and with such an open little heart.  The joy and twinkle; the trill and hopping over the notes.  The effortless flow of eternal notes…..that little bird was born to sing.

Listening to this bird, as the sun rises and as the sun sets, fills your heart with unending love, pleasure and peace.  And a little fright.

You want to keep this little songbird safe and sound, but you also want to shout from the rafters what a beautiful gift you have found.  However, if you share this bird it might fly away, it might get crushed, or god forbid it might decide it doesn’t want to sing anymore.

The real world might scare this bird…and shut its voice forever, to you..to everyone…and it would be your fault.

So are you greedy?  Do you keep the secret songbird to yourself?

Are you the only one that hears its beautiful sounds?  ARE you supposed to be the only one to hear this bird?  ARE you supposed to share it?



Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day.

A time to shop for some…

However it is and will always be a day of deep thought and remembrance for me. A day to remember those that walked before us, that took up arms to protect those at home from the evils abroad.

War is never pretty…War shatters, it breaks, it destroys. It is not a necessity but appears to be a practice that humankind can never turn away from.

To fight for land, to fight for a belief, to fight against someone else’s belief, to fight for oil, or water, or woman and children. To fight for the bravado of it all.

War is a waste, much like that which is left in it’s wake.

War leaves mothers without children, children without parents and a nation with it’s head hung low.

And through the mist of blood and pain comes a peaceful silence of a soldier…standing tall, fighting for their life, for their brother in arms beside them, and for the belief that what they do is not in vain.

Their fight for us cannot be in vain.

We must never forget. We owe our lives to those that stood in our place. They fought too hard for us to forget.

So peaceful rest soldiers, and thank you.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved: and now we lie
In Flanders fields!

Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you, from failing hands, we throw
The torch: be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields

Composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915

It’s official…..Jul-anuary is here

So apparently while the rest of the country is under a massive heatwave, Il Nina has decided to grace us with her presence throughout the summer.  I understand the dangers of UV Rays and heat exhaustion and melting ice cream cones…but this is ridiculous!!!

We have had maybe five really sunny days over the last month…no kidding…and while the temperature is fairly reasonable when it’s cloudy, it doesn’t make up for the lack of the sight of blue skies and that big yellow orb in the sky.

So here we are, stuck inside on another dreary, drizzly day in our fair city.  The kids are trying to keep themselves entertained, and this mom is pulling her hair out trying to figure out how to keep them busy when a trip to the park is clearly out of the question.

So for all you Canadian’s east of the Rockies, and pretty much everyone in the US, please feel free to send us a bit of your weather…not ALL of it thank you very much, but some at least.  We pale, wrinkled from the rain, Jul-anuary-arians here on the Wet Coast (and no that’s not a typo) would super duper appreciate it! 



..and how fast the world changes.

What’s new?!

I have officially gone to the darkside and joined Twitter. Oh I know, everyone has a Twitter account…but does everyone use it?

What a social experiment Twitter is…it’s amazing what, and when, and who people are “Twittering” about. 

I started Twittering because I wanted to follow certain people and get caught up on news announcements (specifically when Egypt decided to self-implode..) and it all went quickly downhill from there…to now following such luminaries as Kim Kardasian (oh yes I did!) and my most recent “follow”  Ryan Seacrest (yes I am an official AI addict this season).

But I digress…

The main reason I started really hitting the Twitter page daily is because someone…shocker…actually re”tweeted” one of my posts (for you FB followers – remember the chick on the train who decided to eat peanut butter straight from the jar with …her…fingers?!?).  Anyways, it was a hoot..it was retweeted…and like a junkie to a hit…I was done in for.

Which leads me back to my blog, and the sorry excuse that it is. 

I have an entire page of witty notes about what I want to write about…some stuff that is serious, and some stuff that is funny…and some stuff that I am sure noone in the world will be interested in, and so I will just write for myself…

…here’s hoping I find the time to get that book out and actually sit down and write!!  There’s always hope…

…until then….Twitter me.  🙂

When you’re so tired you can’t even blink….

Been going crazy lately…tis the season right? 

Holiday parties are upon us….the Santa Parade has come and gone…the gift exchange is to come, and the boxes of naughty christmas treats are in the office kitchen are all laid out in their caloric glory.

So here’s an ode to the mid-week blues…here’s to “almost at the end of my rope and there are still three weeks till Christmas and WHEN do I start holidays???”

Here’s to “Want KD for dinner kids?  Sure you do!  Nothing like fake pasta and cheese to fill you right up”  <eyes heaven word in the hope they don’t catch on to my cunning plan of not having to make dinner>  😉

Here’s to thinking you should have an orange for that 3 p.m. snack, but instead race to Starbucks to get the biggest Pike available…with a 900 calorie Island Oat bar (and yes they really are 900 calories) on the side.

Here’s to mid-afternoon naps at work….turned away from the door, facing the monitor…with one hand still on the mouse (noone will know right?). 

Here’s to almost hump day!!!

he he he he he

Wikileaks – what do we do now?

We have all read the headlines the last few days…and the few days before that.

Wikileaks.  Exposing the world’s governments for what they really are – showing the population what those politicians have been saying and doing.  NOW would be the time to learn the truth about how governments really work…yadda yadda yadda.

I was pretty determined, to be honest, to ignore Wikileaks and go on my ignorant way.  I was determined to not read the headlines.

But how can you NOT?  How can you ignore something that is like something stuck in your teeth – something that just.won’t.go.away.

So…I decided to check out Wikileaks yesterday and see for myself these “communications”….I decided instead of being spoon fed edited and digested snippets of various coms I would check out and read entire dockets.  There is only one way to believe something, and that is to see it entirely with your own eyes right?

Honestly, what I found was very interesting, slightly intriguing, and sometimes thoroughly entertaining!  Who knew that the leader of Iran had a busty blond nurse to take of his every whim (really??!)  <wink wink>

My main issue (and yes here I go aranting), is that these communications have actually been exposed in the first place.  I have been checking out different websites and reading the comments, and it is AMAZING to me that lots of people think that exposing these communications and, honestly, candid discussions from people that WE have elected, is a good thing.

As one commentor posted (and which I have also been thinking)…how would you like it if your boss came into your house, went through your closet, your bedside tables, your medicine cabinets, took your credit card numbers, SIN number, all your family pictures, read through your diaries and then went and wrote a big letter to THEIR boss about it…and then published it all over the web for the entire world to see?

Think, for a second, if that happened.  Really think abou tit.

Then think about having to go into work the next Monday and sitting across the table with that boss…and 200 corporate heads who have also read everything there is to now about you…and then you had to give a grand presentation that could, potentially, make or break your company’s success?

Not so cool huh?

Now, I haven’t professed to read through every one of the release communications, and don’t plan too (though I am interested to see what has come out of the Canadian Embassy!),

but in the end….this leak, and the action of the lone little communications specialist that somehow managed to override and copy all these records from the biggest, “most secure” mainframe in the entire world, and then release those records to someone who thinks there is some sort of fundamental right for it to be released to the world….this action will have major consequences in how the world operates.  How governments (remember…those guys WE elected?) operate and participate with one another is intrinsically changed forever….

…this is one instance where I am sure a lot of governments wished they could turn back the clock.

And so do I. 

I wished I had some broad rounding note to end this….but honestly, in the end, all I am is a bit worried….because if everyone’s secrets are aired (like for a family say, at the dinner table…or like the governments, like being slapped in the face with uncensored thoughts from your “friends and relations”)..what the HELL does the world have to lose now?

What the hell does Iran, or Syria, or China, or North Korea have to lose?  The US, in particular, and other leading countries governments, and diabolical nuclear procuring countries, have all lost a huge amount of face…..

….my question is…now that this is out..and now that I am sure there is going to be a HUGE pissing match of a scale we have never seen before…my question is….

…which country is going to blink first?

So what do you do with a Santa list three miles long?

My daughter, bless her heart, has put together a Santa list….the Santa list to end all Santa lists apparently.

For those who know me, you know that I have been turning into a bit of a Scrooge over the past few years.  Not so much in relation to Christmas….but to the mass consumerism of it.  Maybe it’s my nature, maybe it’s just because I’m getting old and not getting many presents myself anymore…or maybe….


I come home from a long day at work and am given a Santa list two pages long.  When did my daughter become so enthusiastic about things?!?

Some items are not totally unreasonable, like oragami paper (that’s cool – we can do that), but what about the live brown short haired kitten?  What about the horse?  How’s Santa supposed to bring a horse – and really, is Santa going to give me the $$ to maintain this horse?

Of course I tell this to lovely, charming, middle child…and of course she has a very probable and logical excuse.  Bless her heart.

So, back to the drawing board, or Santa listing she goes under my watchful eye.  “Two presents is all you can ask for – since Santa has a zillion kids to also bring presents to”.  “Okay” she says…and dramatically pulls out a fresh new piece of paper.

“Make it reasonable” I say. 

“Of course!” she cheerfully replies.

….and with a flourish she brings me her new list, all 60 lbs of smiling, bouncing, wild hair flying innocentness….

She HAS managed to break her three page list down to just two things…

Item #1.  Hugs all year round; and

Item #2.  A big brown Horse (live).